Our Programs

Sweet Peas (Infant program)

Our Crèche, ‘Sweet Peas’ is our infant program for children between 3months to 18months. It emphasizes a nurturing environment, introducing babies to healthy social and emotional interaction, language acquisition, body awareness, and motor control.

Butterflies (Toddler Program)

‘Butterflies’ is our toddler program for kids between ages 1½ to 3 years old. Here, we build on skills learned in the infant program and provide a safe and happy environment for toddlers to become more independent. Problem solving, concept formation, cooperation and self-help skills are also introduced in ‘Butterflies’. At the end of your child’s stay in this class, they will be able to establish their pre-writing skills, identify their phonetic sounds, good pincer grip, listening skills, counting skills and all the targets set for this class.

Dandelions (Preschool Program)

‘Dandelions’ for ages 3 to 4 years is our preschool program. It embraces the joy of learning and uses research-based principles as the cornerstone of instruction.

In addition to providing comprehensive, integrated instruction in all developmental domains, it provides a systematic and sequential range for building skills and concepts. Your child receives a fun daily routine that develops key social skills and interactions that build a strong foundation for meeting future academic challenges.

Tiger lilies (Kindergarten Program)

In the Tiger lilies Class, our children aged 4 to 5 are ready to tackle the challenge of formal schooling. They are actively aware of their environment and fully understand the basics of learning. The curriculum for the Kindergarten program includes emergent reading and language arts/phonics, emergent math, science and social studies.

Enrichment program / Electives

French, ICT, Etiquette, Dance and Music are enrichment programs that have been added to our curriculum to further aid in the development of the social skills and overall development of the children.

We also offer electives/ clubs that you can enroll your children in:

  • Taekwondo
  • Ballet
  • French club
  • French club
  • Swimming
  • Crafty hands
  • Computing / ICT
  • Dance Club
  • Knitting
  • Mini golf
  • Musical instrument (Violin, Piano, Recorder etc)

Extended care

There is an extended care program for our students from 2-5pm during weekdays.

After school care

We offer after school care services for children from other schools from 1-5pm during weekdays.

Holiday Drop-off

The school is still open during the holiday period because we understand that there are some parents who have no alternative means of care for their children when they are away at work. There is a weekly charge for the holiday drop off program.

Summer school

The word ‘summer’ triggers a sense of freedom in children, a chance to play and learn in a more relaxed and fun atmosphere. Crème de la Crème Summer School Program offers a rich variety of activities and classes for kids, from dance classes, cooking classes, swimming classes and other school age, preschool and baby-class activities. Children will learn fun performing skills in each innovative and unique workshop led by a highly skilled team.

There will be a 5-week summer camp this year for children aged 2-7years old that will run from July- August.


There Are Eight Key Stages In Our Curriculum

  1. Practical Life (Every Day Living)
  2. Communication and Language
  3. Sensorial
  4. Mathematics
  5. Cultural and Science (Understanding Of The World)
  6. Physical Education
  7. Expressive Art and Design